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Brand Audit: 

An In-Depth Look at Your Company’s Footprint and Market Positioning

“Diagnosis is not the end, but the beginning of practice”

— Martin H. Fischer

Depending on your current marketing strategy, you, or your marketing professional may have plugged your website into a “Rate Me” portal that spat out a digital score for your website. Although these free options may be effective at providing a very basic level snapshot of your digital presence and website performance, they fail to capture the complexity and depth of your brand's health, your customer's perception of your brand, competitor strategies,  your competitive positioning, and so on. These basic assessment tools do not provide efficient context, prioritization, or explanation – or perhaps most importantly, direction for future marketing strategies.

The Brand Audit offered by Park House Solutions focuses on:

  • Site health: we’ll examine the current website your company operates with; analyzing what is successful and what can be improved upon in regards to metrics, functionality, capability - providing a detailed report with the results. The program utilized for this process is a paid service that has been verified as a tool for marketing professionals.

  • Online presence: we’ll examine all the aspects of your online presence and evaluate how they benefit your company and how they can be improved upon. Of course, there is your website, but how has your social media presence advanced your business? Are their platforms that aren’t being utilized, or ones that could be more effectively used? How fluently all aspects of your online presence flow and interact can dramatically influence customer reach and acquisition. Therefore, we provide a channel breakdown that represents how customers are interacting with all aspects of your online presence.

  • Competitor analysis: whether your business is new or growing, you know who your competitors are (or at least you should!). But do you know what they are succeeding at in comparison to your business? A digital audit can examine the efforts of your competitors, see what is working for them, where they are making investments, and where they have the advantage over your presence. Knowing how well your company is doing is only half the battle; it is important to acknowledge what is working for your competitors and building a strategy to get more customers in your door versus theirs. The importance of this aspect cannot be overstated, especially in a local context, as many smaller businesses are constantly contending for a small pool of potential consumers. The Digital Audit can provide your company the advantage you need to take the next steps.

  • Accessibility: we’ll examine how well your current setup serves those who are living with disabilities, as well as ways to reduce those barriers. The wider the audience your content can reach, the more potential customers you will have. If that wasn’t reason enough, which it is, making your content more accessible will be highly beneficial to improving your SEO rankings. To learn more about improving SEO, check here.

The Importance of the Digital Audit:

The Digital Audit can provide your company the advantage you need to take the next steps in improving your online presence. Not only will you receive a diagnostic audit on the current health of your digital strategy, you will be provided the information needed to begin to surpass your competitors.

At a local level, competition for customers between businesses boils down to the specifics – contact us today so that we can provide them to you.

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