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Digital Customer Acquisition and Retention

"It takes months to find a customer ... seconds to lose one

— Vince Lombardi

Customer acquisition and retention are at the heart of stable company growth. Many companies, especially smaller ones, have difficulty getting customers in the door, and a harder time keeping them coming back. In today's market, a strong digital presence is vital to a company successfully acquiring and retaining continued customer business.


Why Park House Solutions?


We recognize the necessity of having effective digital marketing for acquiring and retaining customers.

Acquisition: we utilize a multifaceted approach that centres around digital advertising and marketing lead generation, social media, as well as gated offers. Each business is unique in their needs; and we recognize that how leads are generated along with their value potential are industry specific. That is why we place a high importance on developing a marketing strategy that is diversified across channels, highly targeted, agile, and sustainable in the long run for your business.


Simply raising the awareness of what your company offers may not be sufficient in acquiring new customers. We specialize in marketing local companies that are new, or growing, and are looking to attain new leads from a limited pool. Our goal is to not only raise awareness of your awesome company, but rather turn potential consumers into repeat customers - that eventually become brand promoters.

Retention: It is well known that retaining a customer is significantly cheaper than acquiring a new one. Our approach focuses on retaining customers through targeted email campaigns and other digital platforms. A happy customer is significantly more likely to share a positive experience online. We will work with your company to ensure that your customers are given the opportunity to do so by streamlining your digital presence to ensure functionality and make communication fluid throughout the web. We also will help customers keep your company in their focus by engineering consistent contact through email campaigns that provide valuable content. At Park House Solutions, we won't be flooding your customers email accounts, but rather, provide relevant content to their previous purchases, or offering exclusive promotions that will ensure they keep coming back.

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