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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Reach the people you want to reach where and when you want to reach them.

Pay-per-click Search Engine Advertising


When your business partners with PHS for PPC search engine marketing, we’ll work with you to build top performing campaigns by conducting exhaustive keyword research within your specific market, using intelligent, compelling ad copywriting techniques that focus on the searcher’s intent, and employing robust tracking methods to ensure every interaction with your ad yields valuable data.


Unlike traditional forms of advertising and marketing, with PPC search ads campaigns you can put your product or service in front of prospective customers the moment they express a desire to research, compare, or buy. Well crafted and targeted PPC ads aren't obtrusive or annoying; they provide relevant, easy to identify responses to needs or wants expressed by people interested in products like yours. 

How expensive are PPC ads campaigns, you ask? The answer: for the price of a coffee and a muffin per day you could be generating more business using pay-per-click search ads. Online advertising is one of the quickest, most effective ways to build brand awareness, generate exposure, and increase sales of your business' products or services. Why not give it a try?

What We’ll Deliver:

  • Strategy Development: we’ll work closely with you to define the goals of your PPC campaign (and more broadly, your business), whether it be brand awareness, website traffic, or lead generation, optimizing your campaign for the business objectives that will achieve those goals.

  • Keyword Strategy: we’ll do the research to identify keywords (and negative keywords) that are strategically valuable to the campaign objective so you aren’t wasting valuable budget on those that are excessively expensive, or those that aren’t relevant to your goals.

  • Dedicated Campaign Management: we’ll ensure your campaign is always attended to, and make optimizations on a regular basis to ensure that your budget is being spent as efficiently as possible while achieving results.

  • Target keyword strategy: how do customers / visitors find you in search? Ie. what words are they entering in Google’s search bar to find businesses like yours? We’ll do the research, and identify which keywords are worth trying to rank for in order to acquire traffic, and increase conversions (downloads, form submissions, sales, etc.)

  • Reporting: we’ll provide reports on a bi-weekly or monthly basis (client’s choice) with transparent performance results and easy to digest data visualizations.

Interested in learning more?

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