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SEO & Organic Keyword Strategy

“Google only LOVES you 

when everyone else loves you first.”

— Wendy Piersall

Our approach to search engine optimization (SEO) centres around this concept. Your website and its content MUST be geared towards offering the best possible experience for its users. Period.


SEO must be: 

Strategic. Measurable. Scalable. 


When your business partners with PHS to optimize your organic (or in non-marketing speak, unpaid) search performance, we use a matrix approach to increase your page ranking for targeted keyword searches. The goal?  To have your website appear on Page 1 of results, ideally in the top 3, for the keywords people are searching to find businesses, services, and products like yours.  After all, research suggests that the top 3 Google search results get 75% of clicks. 

Our focus

  • Site health: we’ll ensure your site is in tip-top shape by running  a detailed site audit, identifying where (and how) it can be improved.

  • Optimizing content – web pages & blog posts: we’ll help you improve existing content and pages on your website, and work with you to strategically produce new content in a creative yet structured fashion that both your visitors and Google will love. Website optimizations range in complexity: everything from updating meta descriptions, title and heading tags, to completely rewriting pieces of content to improve readability, long-tail keyword usage, and user experience. There are hundreds of ranking factors to consider when optimizing your website. Don't feel overwhelmed, we're here to help.

  • Competitor research, benchmarking & tracking: your SEO strategy is destined to fail if it doesn’t take into account your competitors. We’ll dig-in to their digital strategy and identify what’s working and what’s not, earmarking tactics worth replicating & building on, saving valuable time by steering clear of those that aren’t worth the effort

  • Target keyword strategy: how do customers and visitors find you in search? Specifically, what words or search queries are they entering in Google’s search bar to find businesses like yours? We’ll do the keyword research using a variety of research tools and sources. These include everything from Google Ads keyword planner to search bar suggestions and paid research tools . Using this diverse research approach we'll take the lead on finding keywords that are a priority to rank for within your market, and those that hold the most promise for acquiring traffic, and increasing conversions (downloads, form submissions, sales, etc.)

  • Backlink development: identifying relevant external sites that can add quality links to your pages. Link building is an essential part of an effective SEO strategy. Backlinks tell search engines like Google that your website is “loved” (a nod to the quote above), which signals to the search algorithms that your site should rank highly in results!


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