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Social Media Strategy and Management

“Social media is only a buzzword until you come up with a plan.

— Unknown

Many businesses and brands use social media in the same way they use traditional broadcast channels: they attempt to shove prettied-up advertisements down the throats of their followers and fans. Well, newsflash. This isn’t effective.


Our Approach

At Park House Solutions, we understand that there’s more to “being on social media” than simply posting links to your website, and plugging your products/services.


Social media is the active digital arm of your brand. It should be a living representation of your businesses’ values, culture, and mission. A consistent personality and tone should be conveyed in your post copy, and an aesthetic that “feels” like your brand should be strategically developed and implemented across platforms.


Doesn’t sound quite as easy now, does it?

At Park House Solutions, we’ll work with you to develop a unique social media strategy that is true to your brand and supports your business’ objectives and goals.

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