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Google My Business Listing: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create a Google Business Listing

Google. You've heard of it. It's now its own verb - to Google something. Potential customers are consistently using it to search for the services that your amazing business offers. But will they find you? There are a significant amount of factors that affect a website's Google ranking, but there is an important - yet easy - step that every business should take. Registering your business on Google. This is crucial for new or growing businesses, or those trying to boost their local presence online to attract new customers. We have a simple guide here that will walk you through the steps in order to legitimize your business with the most popular search engine out there - all for free.

Step 1 - Going to Google's Business Website

It is pretty simple. To begin, simply go to and click on Manage Now.

Google My Business Setup Guide

Step 2 - Entering in Your Business' Information

Next, you'll need to type your business' name into the Search bar. Fairly self-explanatory, if you can't find your business, you will have to add it to Google.

Google My Business Setup Guide - Business name

Step 3 - Entering in Your Business' Information

From there, Google will begin asking for identifying information about your business so that it cannot only ensure your business exists, but also so that potential customers can be better directed to your website and access your contact information. This includes asking for such things as what category description fits your business, your office or store location that can be visible on Google Maps, where you serve customers, as well as a business phone number and email so customers can reach you.

Google My Business Setup Guide - Finishing

Step 4 - Verification of Your Business

Lastly, you will need to verify your business' information. This is most commonly completed by getting a postcard that includes a verification pin mailed to the location you provided to Google during the listing set up. It is important to note that until you verify your business, you will not have full access to all of the features that Google Business offers.

Google My Business Setup Guide - Verification

Step 5 - It's All About the Details

Although you may have to wait a few days for your verification code to arrive, you can immediately begin filling out further details about your business that will appear on your listing. Be sure to utilize all of the free services that Google offers, such as Analytics, Business Profile, and free advertising credits, to further increase your business' search engine optimization.

Have Questions or Concerns?

Want help setting up your Google Business Listing, or optimizing it for your local area to reach the most potential customers? Contact us today.


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